The vice Mayor of Dongguan city Mr. Wan visited Summit group company on 28th June,2020

2020-06-28 10:15


The goverement wants to understand the factory's situation during thecurrent CV-19, Summit group has a own factory for producing travel goods, whichis major for overseas business, the travel business has dropped down seriously dueto the CV-19 expending overseas,US and European is two major market of ourbusiness,in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, few industries have fallen asfar and as fast as tourism. The technological revolution that brought closertogether by making travel and tourism easy and affordable—a revolution thatfueled one billion trips a year—is helpless in halting a virus that demandslace.

Taking a snapshot of tourism losses is difficult, as the data changes asquickly as the virus spreads. If the pandemic continues for several moremonths, the World Travel andTourism Council, the trade group representing major global travelcompanies, projects a global loss of 75 million jobs and $2.1 trillion inrevenue. Losses come daily; as of April 2, British Airways is reportedlypoised to suspend36,000 staffers.America’s travel industry is amongthe hardest hit. The U.S. Travel Association projects a loss of 4.6 millionjobs through May, a figure likely to increase. U.S. weekly jobless claimsskyrocketed to a stunning 6.6 million, doubling in a week and by far thebiggest spike in half a century. Tourism decline is a driving reason for joblosses in states including Nevada, where Las Vegas casinos and jumbo hotelshave gone dark.

It's going to be very tough year of 2020, but Summit group will be strong and confident to keep going forward to provide the best service and nice products to our customers all over the world.

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